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Hudson Hides is the specialist in premium hand selected cowhide products. It's no secret that buying cowhides can be tricky. You need to be able to see the actual cowhides your buying and to know for sure where the rug oriented from, which gives you the edge on your competition.

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Each hide comes with a COA verifying quality checks and country of origin



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Programs Available To The Trade

For Stores

Hide Gallery Co-Op


Gain access to our complete selection of every color, size, and style of rugs you will ever need in your store. Our knowledgeable sales team will partner with you to identify the right mix of products and tools to maximize your sales needs.

For Designers

Design Partners


Never leave it to chance when deciding which hide to use in your clients homes. With our custom designer program, you and your clients can choose from an endless selection of cowhides that bring a never before seen amount of options to make every project just right.

For Upholsterers

Tuck & Sew Program


Every one of the cowhides in our selection are upholstery grade and work excellent for custom work. Never worry about having to order more hides than you need for your upholstery projects again with the ability to choose your exact hides to match each other peferfectly for each project.

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"ALWAYS a pleasure doing business with Hudson Hides. Easy to work with and they know their stuff."

Heather Anne

Store Owner, Texas


"Going on our fifth year with our stores. Smooth to work with and very helpful staff."

Jennifer Carter

Furniture Store Buyer, Florida


“We love the fact that we can see endless options. It gives flexibility to incorporate hides into our designs.”

Karen Johnson

Interior Designer, New York


“Orders large or small we count on Hudson to get our jobs done. Upholstery quality hides without any holdups.”

Mark Mackensen

Upholstery Shop, California

Inside Hudson Hides

Quality Without Compromise The Market Leader In Cowhide Products

An obsession with quality has been the hallmark of Hudson Hides since its founding by our grandfather over 25 years ago. Our hides have adorned the homes and businesses of our clients in over 71 countries.

Deep Roots

Third Generation Family Owned

Hudson Hides prides itself on improving year after year, always finding what would make our customers lives and experiences even better. The creation of our hides involves careful thought on sustainability and our main goal is a product you can enjoy for years to come. Our spirit of excellence stands out in the way of working, at all levels and in al geographical areas.

Sustainability Statement

Cowhide Tanning

Our hides originate as a by-product of food sources and tanned leather and cowhide products are perhaps the greatest use of a waste product in the history of the world. Leather products have clothed, sheltered, and protected mankind since the dawn of time. We have scoured the globe committing ourselves to using only the highest quality and ethical suppliers in full compliance with all government regulations that meet or exceed standards of environmental responsibility. With Hudson Hides, you will not find rugs that are shedding, curling, or stiff because of our absolute dedication to quality.

Strong Foundations

The Six Pillars

The reputation of Hudson Hides is built on a product of outstanding quality and distinctive character,founded upon a set of guiding principles. From place to process, people and passion, the Six Pillars are the backdrop to the Hudson Hides unique cowhides.

One of a Kind Selection

Innovators Of Buying Cowhides Online

Our reputation for innovations is characterised by year after year improvements which Hudson Hides is renowned. Individually measured, photographed, rolled and quick shipped under the watchful eye of our family run team. The quality controls we have in place is what makes our operation truly unique. We believe each rug has it’s individual expression like a piece of artwork.Showing our clients what you wil receive and offering only the top 15% of hides that enter our tannery. We are dedicated to offering you a selection you will find nowhere else on earth.

Guaranteed Authentic

Certificates of Authenticity

Each one of our cowhides is individual in nature and certified to bare the mark of Hudson Hides. Every cowhide we carry is uniquely numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate is our promise and guarantee that what you are buying has passed all of our standards and has the elegance and beauty to be titled as a Hudson Hide.

As Seen in

It IS An Honor To Be Showcased In Publications, Homes, And Companies Around The World

Here are some of the publications you can find Hudson Hides showcased or our clients work being featured.

We look forward to the possibility of working together.

We have been a family business over 25 years ago and treat each one of our dealers with the care and respect that our grandfather would have when he originally started Saddlemark.

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