Discover how Saddlemark's unique method of dealer support can give you the advantage you need.

Saddlemark is the only cowhide supplier that offers exclusive sales tools for our dealers. Whether your coming to our warehouse or buying online, you get to see the actual rugs your purchasing everytime.

We have been a family business over 25 years ago and treat each one of our dealers with the care and respect that our grandfather would have when he originally started Saddlemark.

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Individually Photographed cowhides

Working together year round never leaves you guessing if you'll get stuck with a rug that doesn't fit your style.

Certificates of Authenticity

Each of our cowhides coomes with COA verifying quality checks have been met and country of origin.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customers are the heart of our company.

Fast Fulfillment Times

Most of our orders ship the same day placed by 3PM EST or within 24hours of your payment

Consistent Quality

Hand picked selection you can count on.


Actual Rugs Shown

We take photos of every rug we offer so you can never have to play the guessing game again.

Great Dealer Support

We provide consistent sales support to all of our dealers to help you seller better, sell faster.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each one of our cowhides is individually certified. This increases resale value and buyer confidence in their purchase.

Our customers trust Saddlemark to deliver premium quality cowhide products.

"Always a pleasure doing business with Saddlemark. Easy to work with and they know their stuff."

Heather Anne

Store Owner, Texas
"Saddlemark has sent us 100's of hides for our upholstery business. Qualify we count on and get on each and every order."

Mark Mackensen

Upholstery Shop, Oklahoma

You will have access to all of our cowhide products in every color, style, and price point.
Our Knowledgable sales team will partner with you to identify the right mix of products and tools to maximize your sales.
Saddlemark can also drop ship to your customers anywhere in the world.

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Founded by our grandfather, at Saddlemark we were always taught that the customer is King. Our dedication to our customers is held to our highest regard. We treat each and every customer as if they were family and always seek to serve you in the most exceptional way possible.

Based on a generations old concept, Saddlemark has been a staple in the cowhide community for decades. Dedicated to quality and service, Saddlemark sets it self apart from the traditional cowdhide wholesalers in the market today.

We look forward to the possibility of working together - The Saddlemark Team